ENEMY OF THE SUN - Escaping The Grips Of Despair Page 4
by Martin Popoff

"Straight from the beginning, there was a record from Neurosis, 1993, Enemy Of The Sun, and I liked it so much from that day," laughs Sorychta in closing, asked about picking a band name. "We had been together with Grip, and I said one day I'm going to use it for a band. I see in this name not just the idea of hating the sun. I think as a word game, it's just a different saying for darkness. And the logo we have, with the sun and the skull inside it, also fits with this name. The sun is the symbol of life, and without the sun there is going to be no life. Same point with the skull, which is a symbol of death. Together they show that there is not one without the other, that there is no life without darkness. There are two parts and we have to live with them and arrange and manage them for ourselves."