ENTOMBED - A Little Light Morning Music
By Martin Popoff

Swedish death 'n' roll legends Entombed have returned with their second "Album Of The Year"-level record in a row, Morning Star doing just that: quickly rising to the top of best of lists in this loud but early part of '02. Uprising was a chomping return after the clever alternative strains of Same Difference, and Morning Star is more of that celebrated crusty rock 'n' roll sound. Or is it? More of the same, or different?

"I think Morning Star is a little bit more metal, so to speak, both production and songwriting-wise," notes bassist Jorgen Sandstrom. "When we started to do the songs for Morning Star they tended to be more thrash or death metal again. When we started to record, we decided that the sound shouldn't be as rough as it was on Uprising. Uprising has more of a live feel with a lot of room on the drums and stuff, live like a Motorhead album."

Do you think L-G (Petrov) is screaming a little more on this one, a situation that is perhaps parallel to what Tom Araya did on God Hates Us All?

"L-G is a great singer and he can adapt to whatever we do," notes Sandstrom with a laugh. "But I think his vocals came out really good on this album and he didn't feel any stress about it. He was very relaxed in the studio whereas when we did Uprising we tried to do everything as fast as possible. But there were no really big differences. First we used Polaris Studios to record all the music and we did it in six days. We used two other studios for doing vocals, basically just because they were available. But no, we didn't do anything different. For the first time actually we mixed through a computer, through ProTools, but the guy who did it was just learning it as well, so it was an experience, as much for him as it was for us."

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