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By Martin Popoff

Morning Star, as it turns out, refers to Lucifer. "Alex (Hellid) had seen a book and a reference to Morning Star, something about the myths of the devil. He based the album artwork on that as well. He found that picture somewhere and adapted it. I don't write the lyrics and they're kind of personal, at least when it comes to Uffe's (Cederlund). I really don't know what he's up to (laughs). For example 'Chief Rebel Angel' and 'Bringer Of Light' both deal with the devil and 'Mental Twin', I think that is about Uffe because he's a bit schizophrenic (laughs)."

Entombed are also about to embark on a bit of anÉ adventure, playing live with a ballet company, for eight days beginning February 15th and ending March 1st. You heard right.

"We just got all the music done (laughs). It was basically some people in Stockholm who contacted us through our website asked us if we wanted to do the music for a live ballet performance at the Royal Opera House here in Stockholm. We had a meeting with them to see what they were up to and it sounded like a big challenge. So it was like yeah, sure, why not? It could be really freaky. From the beginning when they asked us to do this, we were like, 'what do you mean? Do you want us to write music and an orchestra will play?' And then we were like, 'well, do you want us to write music and then have an opera singer sing it?' 'No, we want you five guys. We don't want you to mix in an orchestra with it. We want your music and we want you to play it live.' And soon as they said that, it was like, cool! If we can just go there and have it like a normal gig for us... It's not new music; it's our stuff from the albums but we re-did some songs. We don't play the full song and it breaks into another song, things like that. There is new material, but not that much. We're playing this live and there will be a ballet performance going on. It's getting stressful now because it's getting closer and they're telling us we have to rearrange this bit and this part. Because it's different thinking for us. When we write a song we're not thinking... we never wrote the songs for someone to dance ballet to. They don't really listen to the music, they count everything, how they're going to dance it."

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