ENTOMBED - A Little Light Morning Music Page 3
By Martin Popoff

Er, how loud are you going to play?

"As loud as we can, I guess. We've only had one day of soundcheck in there so far. We haven't rehearsed anything with the dancers yet. It's still loud and in-your-face but it's not like a Motorhead concert. It has to be reasonable so people can sit there and watch it instead of going deaf."

"Everybody seems to be enjoying it again," reflects Jorgen on the band's last few years. "I think when we released the To Ride and Same Difference albums, we toured quite a lot, almost a year on the To Ride album and for Same Difference, five or six months, and I guess everyone was kind of fed up for awhile and that's why some of us started to look into other stuff as well. But I think now, because we didn't do too much with Uprising - just a few shows over the summer, Iron Maiden and Slayer, and a few shows over here in Sweden; we didn't really tour - I think everybody is relaxed and pretty psyched to play. It's fun again."