EXODUS - Shovel Headed Road Work Page 2
by Martin Popoff

"No, he was just a miserable person to be in a band with. I just can't continue working with someone like that. He left us stranded. And he knew it, and he didn't care. He has his own excuses or whatever; he'll say it's down to his job or whatever, but we went over that stuff thousands of times. He never made less than he made working. Most times he made more - and more than us - because we paid him well to meet his bottom lines. But that's not an issue anymore. That's all in the past."

What is Tom (Hunting) and Rick (Hunolt) doing these days?

"I've no idea. Tom is just... you know, slow process of recovery. It's not drugs - it's all mental anxieties problems. I think there's some leftover guilt issues that go back to things that happened when he was like screwed-up on dope. But you know, that's just my armchair psychology. I mean, I'm pretty confident I know what's going on, but it's going to be a slow recovery for him. Has been. Rick apparently is jamming with some friends of his and has a new band called I Hate No One. You know, if I was to talk to him, I suggest he scrap that name. But you know, Rick, for quite some time has been quite the hippie. So it doesn't surprise me that he would make that the name of his band, just a screaming peace love advertisement. If I was to start a new band, I would just call mine I Hate Everybody (laughs)."

Quite enthused about the next record, which will be with Nuclear Blast again (Gary sounds pretty happy with that situation), Holt offers that, "Man, I don't have time for my own life, let alone side projects; you know, this band eats it all up. We're going to Europe for a couple weeks in June, taking July off and working on some other stuff for the rest of the year. We're hoping to be in the studio by next February.

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