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By Martin Popoff

"There were a lot of parties," recalls Eddie, when asked about the band's level of craziness on the road at that time. "We used to party all the time really. Except we didn't like to go on stage out of it. So we would party all night but we would sleep all day and play the gig and start again. It was kind of like that. Except one or two times in the early days we did make the error of getting a bit too gone, you know what I mean? And we made a pact that we shouldn't do that. But fights, yeah, me and Phil used to fight a lot. We used to have this running thing. And it was usually about the sound. We'd have these differences about the sound. And Phil, being a drummer, he had a very short fuse. So I'd be sort of trying to reason with him and all of a sudden he'd thump me (laughs) and I'd have to thump him back and a couple of times we ended up rolling around hotel foyers. But because we were such great mates it used to be a right laugh. We used to have a laugh and a drink afterwards. It was nothing real bad. We did have some shitty stuff that I don't want to go into, but you have to imagine that it was pretty much full-on..."

Snap back to modern times, and Motorhead is going strong with their current longstanding line-up, having just released a DVD and shortly, a new studio album. Phil is apparently out in L.A. somewhere. Eddie is producing and wants to get a band together but pretty much just a live thing. He performed with Motorhead last year in Brixton and is not averse to working with ol' Lem and Phil again if the opportunity ever presented itself.

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