MOTORHEAD - Long Loud Look Back... Page 4
By Martin Popoff

Finally I had to corral Clarke on the band's reputation as the loudest band on the planet.

"Man, it wasn't our fault," sez Eddie. "I was forever trying to hear myself. So I was forever adding f**king amps over my side, and Lemmy was just adding more and more on his side, and then Phil had bigger monitors; see what I mean? I mean there were times onstage - I'll tell you what man (laughs) - your ears would shut off. And all you got with it was this "bbbbbbbbbzzzzzzzzz" and you had to just kind of look around and watch Phil and what his hands were doing just trying to keep a 'where are we?' You'd be thinking, 'I'll watch his hands and hopefully I'll know roughly where we are.' It was one of those. But each one of us, because we never really interfered with each other's stuff, I let Lemmy get on with his and Phil get on with his and vice versa. So I'd be over my side trying to hear what I wanted to by adding more and more stuff. And of course, they'd be doing the same over on their side. It was like, 'hey guys, why don't we try turning down and starting again?'. It was too late for that (laughs)."