Fates Warning Re-Wired: A Chat with Ray Alder Page 3
by Martin Popoff

The final photo of the package is the requisite band shot, featuring only three guys: Jim, Ray and drummer Mark Zonder. Is there also a theme of disconnection associated with this picture? Why isn't Joey Vera featured as a full member of the band?

"Joey is an enigma, he's a musical entity unto himself. He's got Armored Saint, Fates Warning, Engine, he plays with other little bands, and he's producing, engineering; there are a lot of things he does. Over the years, Fates Warning has had Joe, Frank, Steve Zimmerman, it's like we've been through a lot of members already and when it came down to it, when the last album was being written it just came down to Jim and Mark and myself. Everything just seemed that much more focused. Even though the record took a long time, it was just that much easier. There weren't as many cooks in the kitchen. It's easier to deal with three people than five or even four. I think Fates Warning is pretty much Jim and Mark and myself. It just works out better that way. But again, Joey has great ideas and he is a permanent member as long as he wants to play with us."

And ex-Dream Theater keyboardist Kevin Moore? "Yes, funny you should ask. He did keyboards with us way back on Perfect Symmetry in 1989 when he still was with Dream Theater. Again just a long-time friend, lives in Los Angeles. Mark played drums on his Chroma Key record as well. It's kind of like a big huge family. I don't think he will be a full band member. Kevin is definitely his own guy. He likes doing his Chroma Key thing. I don't think he is ever going to join a band unless it's his own thing. We even asked him to come out on tour with us and he said no. It's not his bag. But again, I think he is another full-time studio musician for us. At least I hope so."