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By Martin Popoff

Christian: "Pantera had no support from radio, but they had that enormous fanbase and they tour a lot. We fall into that category, because we've only had one song that's been played on the radio, which was 'Cars', which was at the end of our touring cycle and at the end of our record so there was only a month for two or three that that song was a hit. Only New York would play it like 25, 30 times a week. It was one of their top 10 spins or something. But that was our biggest milestone for radio, because we're not a radio band. We're a touring band that's in everybody's backyard and tries to sell records that way. When you see a band go gold on touring, it's two different worlds. A lot of successful radio bands can barely sell out clubs. Radio people don't go to shows. The TV generation doesn't go to shows. These bands, they just have no content. I can write records like that in one night, you know what I mean? Give me one night and I'll write you a whole record like that."

Burton: "The guys might be cool but to me the music is unoriginal, uninspiring and corporate. It's made for a general audience, direct marketing, here today gone tomorrow. And Fear Factory is definitely not that. I think the music is catching up with Fear Factory. Because we've been doing this music for a very long time without really deviating from our sound. We've evolved through the years, experimenting with different sounds but always keeping the true essence of Fear Factory."

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