FEAR FACTORY - New and Nu Before You Page 4
By Martin Popoff

Lyrically, Digimortal is a conceptual exploration of themes related to past Fear Factory concerns, man and technology always in the band's thoughts and indeed their sonics (note: this is the first album for the band to utilize Protools). Burton lays out the literary plan. "Digimortal... it's two condensed words, digital and mortality, or digital technology, human mortality, man and machine. The way the word is condensed is showing the future we are talking about, the evolution of humanity where man is taking technology into its own system, working together. And through that evolution, man or humanity has tapped the key for immortality. It's more like a philosophical question that we pose to the listener and the audience about the future. For instance, the song 'What Will Become' basically poses the question, what will happen to us if humanity learns immortality? What happens then? 'Digimortal' describes the loss of the innocence that would result in human nature itself, the idea of destiny, the idea of faith, the idea of survival of the fittest. Where does immortality put us? Do we lose our innocence? The song 'Linchpin' is a title taken from a very simple term. Linchpin could be a cotter pin on an axle. You take it off, the wheel falls off, the machine stops running; basically man and machine, you take either out, the world will stop."