FIREHOUSE - Rock Fest 2002's Sweet Spot
By Martin Popoff

Platinum pop metallers Firehouse are of course, the gooey part of the extensive Rock Fest 2002 package careening around America at the moment. We caught up with the band's axeman Bill Leverty and lead vocalist C.J. Snare, at their stop in Watertown New York for this l'il update. Following our chat with the boys is the press release announcing a second leg of the tour.

"We had a two album licensing deal with Spitfire and we satisfied that commitment and we're looking for another label at this present time because we weren't really happy with their promotion, or their lack of promotion, I should say," begins Leverty, also explaining that the band's Japanese deal is very much solid and copasetic. "And in terms of the next album, we're in the writing process. We have a bunch of ideas and things together and when we get off this tour, we'll put another album together. It's a Firehouse direction. We're not jumping on any bandwagons or changing anything. We're always influenced by what's going on out there but we're going to try write from the heart, and not the wallet. We've always done that; we've always written what we felt inside and not from what we felt they wanted to hear."

"It'll be a mix of the heavy and the soft stuff," interjects Snare. "We like to do what we can from one end of the spectrum to the other in the rock genre. That's what we've always done. We spread our wings within the parameters we're confined to. We have experimented, as Bill mentioned earlier, with a few directional things, but without taking our audience to far in a different direction. We stayed pretty true to our roots."

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