FLOTSAM & JETSAM - A.K. Simpson? Page 4
By Martin Popoff

"But in an ideal situation we wouldn't have spent as much time in tracking and more time in the mixing and we would have continued to refine and refine and refine. But we weren't disappointed by any stretch with the way this came out like we were with the last one. When we recorded Unnatural Selection, we used a producer who really didn't have much experience. And that is one of the reasons we fired Eric Braverman, because he spearheaded this process where we went into a risky studio with a risky producer and we ended up getting maybe not the most polished sound we were looking for. This is a thousand times better than that was. In the future I think we'll go in with more analog equipment. This computer stuff can be a nightmare. This was a Tascam recording unit on a Sony Computer. It wasn't Protools. If it was Protools it probably would have been easier to deal with. Bill actually has a lot of experience on Protools but we went with this other gear that was reputed to be state of the art."

Tour-wise, the band hope to hook up with King Diamond (this would be their third tour with the band), in October, when the next King Diamond album should be complete and on the street.