FOGHAT - Fool Me Twice...
by Martin Popoff

It looks like Foghat's next studio album will be a blues album, featuring both covers and originals. But right now the buzz around these fools for the city concerns Live II, the follow-up to the insanely popular Live album from 1977 that took the band firmly into double platinum terrain.

"Like the first live album, we had full control over it," says drummer Roger Earl, with respect to the two-CD package fully evocative of that classic summery hard rock album from exactly 30 years ago. "We were mixing it, we were picking the stuff we liked and the stuff we didn't like. The people gave us the venue for three days, got there, set up for the first day, made sure everything was working. We had our own mobile studio with us. And the second day we had rehearsals running through everything, and you know, I was really, really excited. I remember that night after the show, Carl Davino, our sound engineer, gave us a rough mix on the CD, and we went up to one of the larger rooms. I think it was called The Hellfire Club (laughs), and poured some wine and some tequila I think, and everybody said wow - we were all really excited about the performance. There are only one or two songs that we didn't use. I can't remember offhand what they were, but something happened where we weren't really happy with the performance. But 95% of the stuff we kept."

"Usually, before we go out on tour, we always have a rehearsal in the studio," adds Roger, alluding to the number of studio rehearsal tracks added to the second disc. "We play everything to make sure we're on track with everything, playing, tuning, arrangements, singing. And we had some space on the second CD and we were really pleased with the performance on them, especially 'Self-Medicated' and 'I'm A Rock n' Roller', which we did on the Family Joules album. And I was just really happy with the way Craig (MacGregor - returning bassist from the classic late '70s lineup) was actually interpreting those songs, so we decided to put them on. We had space - why not? And that's where we are with that."

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