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by Martin Popoff

"We are really excited about it," says Roger, clearly pleased with the performances of the band on this clinic in rootsy hard rock (check out Bryan's slide on 'Drivin' Wheel'). "It's got nothing but rave reviews. We're even getting reviews in English magazines. Let me just read you this one. I read it this morning. This is from the show at Foxwoods, and it says, 'Foghat is still a viable entity on the touring circuit. As a matter of fact, they shit all over most of the bands who are currently gracing many a music magazine' (laughs). 10 out of 10. I had to laugh."

So true, given the skills in this veteran bunch of guys. Craig and Roger are the classic lineup rhythmic backbone of things, but Charlie Huhn and Bryan Bassett have been on board for a long time as well, heaps of soul in both of them, Bryan's derived from his southern rock distinction, Charlie's from Detroit and Motown and his golden era stint with Ted Nugent.

"You know, I was really pleased with just about everything," continues Roger, looking at the 19 tracks on Live, "but especially, I thought 'Chateau Lafitte' is probably my favourite. I always loved playing that song, and in fact it was Charlie who said, 'Let's do this.' And he was a huge Savoy Brown fan, and it was Charlie's idea to put the 'Savoy Boogie' on it, which is basically a John Lee Hooker Anglicized, speeded up (laughs). That's probably my favourite song, because not too many bands play like that, I don't think. Maybe ZZ Top at one time or another, but there aren't too many bands that sort of play shuffles and stuff like that. I just like the way Brian and Charlie interpreted it, and of course Craig. That's probably my favourite song on there, if I can have one. Which is unusual for me. I usually just like it all."

Are there places within the set where you have to gather your faculties and concentrate, or else you'll blow it?

"No, I have to tell you Martin, I'm not unnerved," laughs Roger. "I loved every moment of being up there and playing; it's still a thrill. I mean, we just did one show in Austin this past weekend, on Thursday night, and there must've been like 15, 16,000 people there. It was unbelievable, and it was nighttime, we were like the last act on, and I still get chills. You know, you're walking out and people are screaming their heads off for you. I haven't done anything yet (laughs). It was a thrill, and I enjoy it. And we get a lot of young kids coming now, sort of 12 to 15, 20, 25 coming to see us now. It's cool, isn't it? It's really gratifying knowing that what you did 30, 35 years ago is still enjoyed today by a whole new generation. I think that's what good rock 'n' roll is all about. You can always listen to... I'm not comparing myself to Chuck Berry, but Chuck is still viable. You listen to his records, they sound great still the way they did in the '50s and '60s. And I think good rock 'n' roll stands the test of time."

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