FOGHAT - Fool Me Twice... Page 3
by Martin Popoff

Further addressing the interesting wrinkle in this package, the inclusion of fully seven rehearsal tracks, Roger explains that, "we always spend some time rehearsing. Like I said, we tape what we are doing, because sometimes you can fool yourself and you're sitting there having a good time, and unless you record it and tape it, you go, 'Hold on, that's not right.' Or you go, 'What was that chord you play there?' 'I don't know; I think it was A minor.' 'It doesn't sound right.' 'Oh, it's not right. My guitar's out of tune.' You know, stuff like that. And we tape the stuff and stay on top of it. It's important. Also, Charlie Huhn has tremendous ears. He can hear stuff if it's slightly off. Bryan is also a great musician. He has perfect pitch, his guitars are always in tune, which is pretty amazing, when you consider the way they have to bend notes and use the slide. They are great players."

And that next studio album? "We just bought some land down in Florida," relates Roger, "with a four bedroom house on it, and we're going to build a studio with a partner. We have our own mobile unit, Bryan's Blue Brain Mobile (laughs), and we're going to move a bunch of stuff down there toward the end of the year when things slow down a bit, and we'll be recording probably January, February, March, through that time, in the living room of the new house, which is where the studio is built. You can actually make records just about anywhere these days. You know, like I said, we did stuff in a pork store. I mean, now, so long as you have the equipment and you have a brilliant engineer like Bryan is... I'll give you an example. When we had Boogie Motel, Port Jefferson, we had our own studio, and we had a Neve board, analogue, and I think it was about a million and a half bucks, but we got it second hand for about $750,000. What a bargain, right? (laughs). But now, you can put a studio together, literally, for like $5,000 - even less. I mean, if you wanna spend ten grand, you can get some really good stuff. Mics are always still expensive of course, and the knowledge of how to do it. But that's why we have our own studio again - because it gives us complete control. You don't have to spend $3000 or $5,000 a day in a studio and get maybe one or two tracks out of it. This way we can take our time, get stuff down done. We're definitely going to do a number of blues songs and record them. We've been wanting to do a blues album for the longest time. And now we have our own record company as well, so that sort of helps. We're definitely going to do another studio album. So yes, blues covers, plus write some songs. But we'll put the Foghat stamp on it (laughs)."