FOGHAT Reveal The Family Joules! Page 2
by Martin Popoff

What songs you really enjoy doing live with Foghat?

"Well of course the hits, 'Slow Ride', 'Fool For The City' and 'I Just Want To Make Love To You'. But we also played the blues tunes like 'Sweet Home Chicago' and sometimes on the longer sets, we'll do the old Elmore James song, 'It Hurts Me Too'. And the other album tracks like 'Home In My Hand' and 'Road Fever', they're all just so much fun to play. But we've also played a new song called 'Self-Medicated', which is a great rocker, reminiscent of a '70s Stones song. But it's all there, and it's all us, and it's so much fun. Especially how it was conceived. It was after a long day, and we're in the dark in this parking lot trying to relax with a glass of wine. And then Roger starts imitating Angus Young. Can you see this six-foot-two old Englishman, holding a glass of wine, in shorts, in a T-shirt, moving his foot up and down like Angus?"