Fossil Rock Part II: Upon Further Review
by C.J. Cain

If you scroll through the numerous interviews of the bands who fuel the juggernaut of a heavy metal machine known as HardRadio, you will come across the first article I ever wrote for this site, titled "Fossil Rock." Save your eyes and your computer time - it is about me, a primeval metalhead who has now seen concerts in four decades, and who recently traversed the unspeakable abyss also known as turning 40. From my substance-laden late-'70s and early-'80s to my past seven years of clean sobriety, and with the now 20/15 vision provided by recent LASIK surgery, I've been able to listen and look at metal from a variety of perspectives. Upon further review, I have found that I've carelessly tossed aside some of the best that metal has had to offer.

Recently, while filling my shopping cart with light bulbs, fertilizer, toilet paper and munchies at the local mega-super-ultra discount store, I took a few minutes in electronics to peruse the selection of "value-priced" CDs. For what I used to pay for a round piece of vinyl, I bought "Faster Pussycat Greatest Hits," from Flashback Records. I had avoided the left-coast glam band much like I avoided women with spotless reputations, because I didn't think either of them had what it took to "trip my trigger." Yeah sure, they had a couple songs I had heard, but "House of Pain" was a ballad, and if it wasn't rapid-fire riffs, it wasn't sh*t.

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