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by Martin Popoff

As to Turner's power-packed voice, the foil to Randy's more boy-ish pipes, Fred says that, "Randy didn't really want to sing at all. And I said to him, you know, your songs, you have a certain feel for those songs that I don't have. And it probably would be better if you tried to do the vocals on them. And he said well, I can't really sing. And I said sure you can. So he started singing, and you know, my voice would never have come off with the inflections that he uses in his songs. So basically, I sang my songs, he sang his songs. Unless he writes something that's just so to the point where he can't handle it. And then he pushes it to me."

Live At The Roseland Ballroom presents the contrast between these two warhorses splendidly, the band rolling through 20 tracks, most of them smash hits, the biggest being the stuttery 'You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet', the writing of... it's an old story, but mostly we hear Randy telling it.

"Well, Randy pretty much tells it the way it was," laughs Turner. "We were doing the song, and he put down the work track, vocal, on the tape, so that he could work his guitar parts around it and get things to sit. And then when it came time to sing the song, he couldn't change the vocal, and he thought to himself, geez, this is really odd, because I didn't mean to sing it this way, but I can't sing in any other way, and I really don't like it very much. It's got too much connotation towards his brother, and he hid it, in the vault, in the back of Kaye-Smith (recording studio). And Charlie Fach from Mercury came in to hear the album, and when Randy put the album on for him, he said yeah, okay, I like the album, but I don't hear anything that we can give to Top 40. And so the engineer said to Charlie, says, you know, there's one more track that's hidden in the back. Randy was waving his arms to try to get him to forget about it. He pulled it out, played it for Charlie, Charlie said, 'That's the song. That's a hit.'"

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