Bachman & Turner's FRED TURNER - "I'm An Old Wrench-Turner From Way Back" Page 5
by Martin Popoff

No doubt a few of the boys will be out as Randy and Fred take care of business with a few select dates through festival season...

"Right now, we're running to New York in a couple of weeks, because of the new DVD and such," explains Turner. "We're doing interviews there, and we're doing a club that they're trying to turn into a rock club now from a jazz thing. It was Les Paul's club, that he worked in for years and years and years, called The Iridium. So we're doing a couple of nights there in New York. And when we finish that, we've got one show up in Dauphin, Manitoba, and then straight to Minnesota to do a show the next night, and then over to Kentucky to do a show two nights later, and then the next week in Columbus, Ohio. And then across to Seattle, Washington, and then we've got a winery in California. We've also got something else in Los Angeles."

The classic rock fests... that must feel like a last go 'round family reunion at times.

"They're a lot of fun," says Fred in closing. "I'll tell you the biggest one is coming up. We have a Rock Legends cruise, in January, and there's been... I think there's something like 15 bands gonna be on that cruise. So I'm really looking forward to that. Instead of tearing at each other and griping about how much time we're getting or not getting, we'll be talking about old times. And laughing a lot."