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by Martin Popoff

Any covers on this new album?

"You know, we are toying around with a couple of covers, but we haven't made a decision whether or not they are going to make the record. One is a Stones cover, and we were fooling around with a Bowie cover." Of note, Ace also mentions two songs that he had submitted for possible use on Kiss' Psycho Circus album, one called 'The Pursuit Of Rock 'n' Roll' and one called 'Steamroller' which he says is the heaviest track on the album.

Says Ace of the challenge of singing, while carrying the responsibility of guitar legend... "After a couple of weeks of touring it just becomes matter of fact. It's like, when I'm not in the studio, or I'm not performing, I normally don't sing. Months will go out by without me singing. I don't really consider myself a singer. I sing because I write songs and I have my own band (laughs). But I consider myself a songwriter/guitar player. But the singing, yeah, the singing is fun. But sometimes it just becomes... luckily, my new drummer Scot Coogan, he's got a great voice. He's helping me out with some of the lead vocals. And I think Anthony is singing 'Strange Ways'."

On the upcoming tour, are you playing any songs off the new album?

"You know, normally, in the old days - in the old days (laughs) - in the '70s or the '80s, I probably would've done a couple of new songs, prior to the release of the record. But you know, like today, it's a whole different ballgame. I did a show in New York on Halloween, at the Hard Rock Cafe, and you go onto youtube, you can find almost every song (laughs). So it's like, I want this record to be like a surprise; have it be my special thing. And I don't want to give a couple of the songs away before the record comes out. If I play them live, it's going to be on youtube the next day (laughs)."

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