ACE FREHLEY Interview - "This Album Is Going To Be Heavier Than Those FREHLEY'S COMET Records" Page 3
by Martin Popoff

"Some of those songs are good, you know?" reflects Ace, asked about the records from his mid-years, the under-rated FREHLEY'S COMET material and the Trouble Walkin' album, released simply under the Ace Frehley banner. "Some of those songs are maybe a little too poppy. I maybe would've done them a little different today. Like I said, I'm trying to get back into the mindset of my roots. This album is going to be heavier than those Frehley's Comet records. You know what I do? I read my fan mail. I listen to what the kids say and what they want to hear. They really want me to play heavier stuff, and do wild stuff. I think that is an element in music that is lacking today. There doesn't seem to be any guitar hero bands out there. I think guitar players today are too lazy. They don't want to practice. They talk to me; guitar players say, 'What can you tell me about being a guitar player?' And I say three things: 'Practice, practice and more practice' (laughs).

Do you find that in your new state of mind, you're also getting back to being more disciplined about guitar again?

"Yes. Everything is just more clear and defined and I can focus better; I can put my ideas together. I don't have all that noise in my head - it's great not to have that."