ACE FREHLEY - New York Back In The Groove Page 2
By Martin Popoff

There are possibilities the show may be recorded for commercial release, but plans are still tentative. Ace adds that, "basically this concert on November 28th, New York Steel, is not so much about me, it's not so much about Twisted Sister or any of the other acts on the bill. It's really about our fallen firefighters and policemen who gave their lives. So we're just trying to give a little back to New York. They risked their lives for us. I grew up in New York and I'd like to give a little back by doing a free concert to benefit the families of the firefighters and the policemen. To me that's a privilege. Basically that's what it's all about. It's not about what songs I'm going to play, this, that or the other thing. It's just basically a benefit to keep this city going. It's amazing how this city has bounced back."

Other plans for Ace include the building of a multimedia studio, a possible record company, and maybe a new solo record, even if Kiss plans, as always, are a series of question marks with dollar signs through them. "Obviously, I'm not sitting around twiddling my thumbs. I haven't heard anything from the Kiss camp since the tour ended in April. I've gotten one phone call from Gene, just a happy birthday call, April 27th. I haven't spoken to him since. I know we're coming out with a five CD box set, 91 songs on it, for the holidays, and that should be fun."

In terms of more concrete Kiss news, "That's a really tough questions to ask me," says Ace, "because Paul and Gene run the Kiss camp and basically I'm an independent contractor. I'm a member of the group but when it comes to decision-making I haven't heard. It changes all the time. Months ago I heard we were doing a farewell concert. Then I heard we were going to Europe doing a 30 or 40 date tour and that changed. As far as I know, we may never play again. As far as I know we may do a tour in the summer. Anything is possible with Kiss. It's just a matter of where, when, how you can get everybody together at the same time. Because it seems right now that everybody is kind of fragmented and off doing their own thing..."

To order tickets for the NY Steel benefit concert, call Ticketmaster, pronto.