GALACTIC COWBOYS - "Plays In This Space"
by Martin Popoff

So much hope - back in to mid-'90s, Houston's GALACTIC COWBOYS were the next hyped jugger-not, charging out of Houston signed to Geffen after 14 companies watched their showcase. Metal Blade's Brian Slagel had the good taste to pick the band up after the major deal was done and the "baby KING'S X" had a good run of under-rated albums before a final album in 2001, aptly monikered, Let It Go.

Will they fly again? Hard to say, but as lead singer Ben Huggins explains, there is a much talked about reunion show coming up...

"The news is, Galactic Cowboy show on September 13-which happens to be a Friday-here in Houston, at a club called the Acadia Bar And Grill, on the north side of Houston. And you know, we're hoping to get a good response. Right now it's just the one show, but you always kind of hold out hope that something may happen again. So you never know. Can't make any promises."

"Oh, that's a tough one," laughs Ben, asked what everybody in the band is doing with themselves these days. "Alan (Doss) is still actually in the music business. Alan still records and mixes and engineers for bands around... I'm not sure if it's just Houston, or if it's... no, actually, definitely around the country. I don't know if it's international, but he's been staying busy in music. Monty (Colvin), of course, still has CRUNCHY, and he's up there in Kansas City, and Dane (Sonnier) has also been doing a lot of solo stuff. He doesn't played with THE SONNIER BOTHERS anymore, but he plays around a lot, doing solo gigs. I'm probably the only one who really hasn't been doing any music. The last thing I did was a project with Dane's brother called GRISTLE, and that was a digital release on iTunes, a couple of years ago. But I've been pretty much being a sound man for a while. Right now I'm working with The Lion King. I'm in Houston, Alan is also in Houston, and Dane is in Houston as well, so Monty is our only long distance Cowboy."

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