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by Martin Popoff

"I'd have to say there's just a uniqueness to the way that things come together," muses Huggins, asked about the band's sound and why there is renewed interest in the band. "I know, for instance, there's a lot of people who do heavy music with, you know, harmonies on top-now. At the time we were doing it, I would think it was probably us and King's X. And with King's X, the difference was like, you know, you've got the guy with the really big voice up front doing the soulful stuff, and we were kind of four white guys doing all these harmonies, and it had more of a BEATLES influence. But why does it remain something that people want to hear? I don't know. I think it was pretty special, but that's coming from someone who did it and is looking back and is very nostalgic about it. It's something I never wanted to let go of. But I think it was just something really good, and people miss it."

But you've got to think that there's a sense that the band went over everybody's heads. The mission was a little complicated, a little provocative, which comes though in a song like 'I Do What I Do' (or at least Ben's reading of it!) from the second and last with Geffen, a masterwork called Space In Your Face.

"Yes, well, Monty wrote 'I Do What I Do' and I believe it was a response-I may be wrong; I've been known to be wrong in interviews before-I believe it was a response to people asking why are you doing that, why do you do that, why do you do this? Basically it's about our music, questioning why aren't you just being a heavy band? Or why aren't you a pop band? And then another thing too, coming from basically... most of us were coming from a Christian background. Well, why aren't you doing gospel music? Why don't you do ministering? And then on the other side it's like, why do you write music that has a message? Why is there... It was basically just all these why questions. And then Monty's response was, 'I do what I do' (laughs)."

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