GALACTIC COWBOYS - "Plays In This Space" Page 4
by Martin Popoff

"I think there was some confusion pretty much about everything about us, including where to put us," reflects Ben, in closing. "Because I remember, when we first went out with OVERKILL on that first tour, it was not a good fit. It was not anywhere near, and we knew it, when we were going out. We were just so tired of sitting around, we wanted to get out and tour. And I think we made some fans on the tour, but still it was a difficult... it was forced to happen. It was kind of like, 'Well, this is where we're puttin' ya-get out there.' And we're glad we did it, but there were so many other good... I would love to have gone out with FAITH NO MORE, at a time like that. To me, that was the kind of thing where you had a band that is doing more than one type of sound, more of an eclectic thing. And I mean, we ended up going out with Dream Theater on the second tour-which to me was a better fit-but there was still a confusion about who we were and what we were doing. I remember talking to fans that were very honest with us. 'You know, the first time I heard you, I hated you. And the second time I heard you, I was just like, why? The third time, I was like, this is pretty good. Fourth time, hey, I get it now.' So it was something that seemed like the response was it had to grow on people."

The moral of the story: if you're local to Houston, be there or be unaware-of one of the great alt.metal bands of the '90s. And if you're from away, and have some power to make things happen, then make them happen and maybe Galactic Cowboys can come sing for you on whatever planet you are from.