GAMMA RAY - Master Of Puppets?
By Martin Popoff

Kai Hansen is into this type of thing, conspiracy theories, secret societies, figuring out who the master of puppets might be, investigating who could be orchestrating a new world order, a one world government. But he's no nut. Kai's got a healthy sense of skepticism, so other nuts do his bidding.

Enter Mark Brauneis, who powered the lyrical direction of Gamma Ray's latest album No World Order. "I've always been interested in secrets," begins Kai, on the connecting between Gamma Ray and this mysterious character, a man never seen without a crisp black suit, a man with no fingerprints (OK, I'm getting carried away).

"For everybody who is watching the world and what is happening, and looking at it with a free mind and clear eye, one thing you always come back to as a result of your observations is that not everything is the way it seems to be, right? And if you realize that, you can easily find out that what you read in the papers and whatever politicians tell you, could be very far from the truth, far from what is behind it. Therefore, you come to the conclusion that there must be people in the background that you don't see, some kind of gray entities, some kind of influential people that are not in the official spotlight, but that dominate and direct. And from that, you come to conspiracy theories, and that is interesting. It was interesting for me just like it was interesting for me to find out whatever landed at Roswell, whatever really is at Area 51, and stuff you find in the X-Files, as well as who really did shoot Kennedy? Still we don't really know, stuff like that."

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