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By Martin Popoff

"But then I got a little more deep and this guy came to us, a fan of ours who got in contact with us somehow and said you might be interested in this. He dug into history and what was happening in the world and he came up with some amazing and interesting theories, and it was all basically about the secret society called The Illuminati. And he told us a lot of stuff about it and it got really confusing. And I couldn't follow it anymore, because he took us from the Bible into modern times, through many spiritual levels, and I'm very careful with spiritual levels (laughs). I've seen too many weirdos around. I'm a very down-to-earth person. I tend to believe what I really see. So I said, 'to make it clear, why don't you write it all down?' And then he actually - because I thought he might be some kind of maniac as well - he actually did it. He wrote it all down. And a lot of it made perfect sense and a lot of it I would still consider to be very far-fetched. But still, nevertheless, it's kind of a very interesting controversial book that was the outcome. And it is very good to read, to give you a stronger feeling as an individual person that is free from domination by press or whatever. So it was an interesting theme."

And now, Gamma Ray and Brauneis are working together to find a publisher for this book (see for more info), Kai commenting that, "a publisher is not firmed up yet, but that's a funny thing and a sad thing too. Since the happenings in New York, the publishing companies are really, really going for it, because it has to do with that as well. It's all part of the grand scheme."

Outside of the involved lyrical concept of the record, look for a biting, musically aggressive vibe to No World Order.

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