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By Martin Popoff

How about the recording of this album? Did having less bodies in the way make the recording flow freer and more spontaneous?

"Yes, it was really fast. We did the whole thing in a month. And that included writing four songs and mixing and everything, so it was a very quick album to make. Basically we just played it as you hear it. Sometimes we may replace a guitar or something, but there aren't many overdubs on there, which I'm sure you can tell (laughs)."

"I think sonically the guitar is a lot more adventurous," answers Moore, when asked about stylistic advancements. "There are places on there were people ask me if there are loops or samples, but they aren't, and there's no keyboards on this. So a lot of those quirky sounds you hear on there are just from the guitar, and sometimes the bass, because the bass player Cass Lewis uses tons of pedals. And he got me into using a lot more effects again on the guitar. So we decided that because it was a three-piece band, we may as well take advantage of the space available and be a lot more adventurous from that end of things. So we used a lot more sounds, and that's something I haven't really done in the past; that's a big difference for me.

Scars reunites Moore with fabled metal producer Chris Tsangarides, Moore explaining that "the reason I worked with Chris is that he's very good at recording a real band. He gets a really organic sound. I've worked with Chris off and on for a long time and I just find he makes the band sound like it really sounds. He has a great way of making it sound really natural and really warm like it's almost in the room with you. I really appreciate that about his work."

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