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By Martin Popoff

And like I say, the guy's a consummate, under-rated vocalist. I asked if Gary changed much in that department this time around. "I started singing a bit lower in places like on 'Stand Up', things like that where I'm singing in a much lower octave. I haven't really done too much of that before. And then also, I'm kind of singing harder again, which is something I haven't done in a long time. So it's two extremes really (laughs). I'm singing lower and harder, instead of higher and harder, whereas with the blues stuff I've been singing more in a comfortable range. So I've kinda pushed my voice to both of the other extremes this time.

How about one or two of your favourite guitar solos on Scars? "Well, I like 'Who Knows (What Tomorrow May Bring)?', the last track. We did that in one take. I always like songs that you do in one take because you capture something special and that just ended up as a kind of jam at the end. But I really like the solo, which just adds to the very subtle guitar parts that are on there. And then for a more aggressive thing, I quite like 'World Of Confusion', stuff like that, which has more of a dirty approach. I think there are a lot of dynamics within this band. Because when there is just the three of you, you can you can go up and down very quickly; you've got that contact. Whereas with the four-piece, it's really hard to achieve that, so that kind of affected the way the whole thing sounded anyway. We were able to grab those really extreme dynamics. And we've taken that quite a bit further onstage now, having played for quite a few months now live. The dynamics are even more exaggerated. When we play softly, we play really softly and when it kicks in loud, boy, it's loud, you know (laughs). We've exaggerated things. But I've been able to play in a more subtle way because of the space available and those dynamics. Again, that something that's a little bit different for me."

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