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by Martin Popoff

What did Butch teach you as a producer, being a producer yourself?

"I'm kind of stuck in a lot of old... I don't know if stuck is the word, but I like more of the classic ways to record? And it's not because I'm a grumpy old man. But I just like the way they sound, you know? It's like, if I put on an Oasis record, I really like the songs, but the way it sonically sounds - it hurts my ears. So I tend to go to more classic ways to records. Where Butch really goes right to the 'bing.' He doesn't care about the sounds, really. He's about the song. So I learned a couple tricks, and vice versa. They learned a couple of tricks. They changed the way they did guitar mic'ings and drum mic'ings from the way I do it, that we applied on this record. So it was a really nice working relationship."

Gilby looks to come up with another solo record this year. Figuring collaboration will be the driving force of it, he says he has no idea who he'd like to work with. But then he switches gears... "I've got to tell you, that's not true! I did some work with Wayne Kramer from MC5. I played guitar for the MC5 all last year. I did two Europe trips. They did a bunch at first, and I came in a bit later. And then we started working on some music for possibly an MC5 record, and working with Wayne was great. So Wayne is definitely someone I want to work with. Playing those MC5 songs wasn't the same as listening to them. Once again, sonic quality... wow, I didn't know that was going on. So we did a couple trips in Europe and we did a couple of American things, and you know, I think they like it. And being able to change people - the guitar. I've done it with Mark Arm (laughs), even with Handsome Dick Manitoba (laughs). So I had some pretty fun ones. It was great, really great, to hear Handsome Dick do 'Kick Out The Jams' - it's just right (laughs). Those guys, him and Wayne, my God, they were definitely worth the price of admission just to listen to them talk."

"I'm always up for it," it being productive, creative working relationships, says Gilby. "I'm up for it. Just as this situation came up, I was up for that. Whenever there is an opportunity to work with a great musician, I'm always up for it. Basically doing the MC5 thing, I didn't make any money at it, but I was supposed to do that, you know? Same thing working with Tommy. I've admired Tommy since he started Motley Crue. I saw those first shows. I always thought he was an incredible musician. So this is all just part of the journey."

What would you do differently for a second Supernova album?

"I think just the influence of Lukas was going to change everything. Lukas wasn't an influence in the music part, because he didn't come in until the music was recorded. So I think just his influence there, it's going to be the way it's supposed to be, where the four guys are in a room together, and write together. That's how it's supposed to be."

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