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Special Report By Aaron Small

"It's myself, Tracii Guns, Slim Jim Phantom , Muddy (L.A. Guns) and Teddy Andreadis (ex GN'R)," explains Gilby. "It's not really a blues record, more of a rootsy type record. Its got Stones influence and Dylan, stuff like that. We're right in the middle of making it." When performing live, The Starfuckers are an all covers band but the album is all original material. "We're trying to branch out," laughs Gilby. "We got a record deal with a label called Icon Records in California. It's Mel Gibson's label. It's what he releases his soundtracks from Icon Pictures on."

How does one hook up with the star of Lethal Weapon and Braveheart?

"One of our buddies works for Icon and part of his deal is he gets to sign one band a year and we're the band he signed."

Contrary to previous reports, Gilby Clarke will not be touring with L.A. Guns and Faster Pussycat this summer.

"No I'm not doing that," clarifies Gilby. "They had asked me about it when they first put it together. I said if everything falls in place I can make it happen but everything didn't fall in place so I couldn't make it happen. I think The Bulletboys are going to do it."

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