GILBY CLARKE - "I'm Working On Two Records At The Same Time." Page 4
Special Report By Aaron Small

Finally, are the ties to Guns N' Roses completely severed?

"I hardly ever talk to anybody from Guns N' Roses anymore. I probably see Matt more than anybody, just bumping into him at a club. Everybody's got their little worlds now. No one really wants to go backwards, everyone wants to move forward and do their thing."

Thoughts on the new GN'R?

"The only thing I heard was the single that came out last year, 'Oh My God'. I have nothing against Axl and what he's doing. I'm actually pulling for him. I hope he does what he always wanted to do. At this point it's kind of moot to get everybody back together. Just let him do his thing and have a good time. I'm sure he'll be successful. It seems like everybody liked the two shows he did."