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by Martin Popoff

Politics enters into Ohmwork album as well; is Geezer still a student of politics?

"I think you have to be if you live in the world. You are subjected to politics and it's always a good subject to write about (laughs); good for musicians and comedians. I really don't understand why the Iraq situation wasn't resolved diplomatically. The U.N. was doing quite well, and then suddenly they pulled them out of there, because they needed to find weapons of mass destruction. And they went in there as a lie. And if it would have had anything to do with Saddam Hussein, I'm sure the CIA could've sent somebody in to just take out Saddam Hussein, and do it that way, instead of bombing a whole country. You can remove one man. It's ridiculous to me."

On the subject of reviews for Ohmwork, Geezer states that "most have been really good, with some bad. Some of it is this guy who hates Sabbath and hates Ozzy and hates Tony and hates me, just 'cos we're old, I think. It's like, it's more about how old I am than the music. One of those people. And it was so badly written, I don't even class it as a review. But people who have heard it had given it a good review so far."

At the time of writing the first meeting on Sabbath's stage plans had not yet taken place. Comments Butler: "No, not yet. The last I heard, Tony's in New York promoting his album. I don't know what Ozzy's doing. I think Ozzy's doing all the talk shows or something (laughs). So we haven't actually sat down and talked about the set lists. I just hope it's going to be different this time."

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