GEEZER BUTLER - Ohm Is Where The Hard Is Page 4
by Martin Popoff

Might a new album fall out of the hole in the sky? "I'd only make it if it was really good," qualifies Geezer. "I mean, we've got like six or seven songs, three of which I consider pretty good. To put an album out we've got a lot to live up to. I think the way we did it last time (note: for the album Reunion, which featured two new songs) was all wrong. We were sort of locked in a studio for two months and told to come up with a new Sabbath album; it doesn't work like that."

Are you feeling prolific enough to be the main person to lean upon to come up with lyrics?

"I can only write lyrics when I feel I have the subject matter to write about. I mean, I've got used to the way I do it in GZR. I just like, write a set of words, and let the vocalist sort through it and let him fit it to his vocal line. Versus Ozzy; he likes the words to fit exactly to what he's singing."

"I mean, I think we're all desperate to do new stuff," reflects Geezer, in closing, on the thorny subject of the Sabbath live set list. "But Mr. Osbourne won't do it. We're dying to do new stuff. I'm almost dreading playing the same ten songs again, so hopefully we're going to talk Ozzy into doing some things."

Tell him the fans are on the verge of riot.

"We are as well (laughs)."