BLACK SABBATH - Geezer On Being Geezers Page 2
by Martin Popoff

Do you think it was Ozzy and Bill, or Ozzfest and Bill? "Probably that," laughs Geezer. "I don't know what the politics are, and I don't want to know about it. I haven't spoken to Bill about it."

Further on the speed of negotiations, Geezer says that he'd "seen Ozzy about seven weeks ago; I was around to his house, listening to his new musical that he's doing, and he didn't even mention anything about doing the Ozzfest or anything. It was like a purely social visit. It was a week after that actually when Sharon called and asked if I'd be interested in doing the Ozzfest. And I spoke to Tony about it. I mean, Tony and I had been speaking on and off anyway for the last couple of years."

And so it's on. Look for Sabbath to play for 60 minutes, within a total timeframe of 70 minutes. And look for Bill to be driving the band hard from the backbone. "I'm feeling great," says Bill. "My goal is to lose another 15 pounds. I've lost about 17 pounds in the last month. I go on 12 mile walks twice a week, and do a lot of walking in between as well. My diet is good; I'm totally vegan now."

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