GLENN HUGHES - Just More Stuff Always
By Martin Popoff

Besides the HTP album with Joe Turner (featuring a cameo by David Coverdale), Glenn Hughes (ex- Trapeze, Deep Purple and Black Sabbath) of course has a new album called Building The Machine which has been receiving rave reviews the world over. In addition, there's touring with The Voices Of Classic Rock (VCR) and future recordings with that act as well, in conjunction with Canuck axe legend Pat Travers.

"I don't have any preconceived ideas for when I do press," begins Glenn on the Building The Machine opus. "And no one tells me what to say. Actually they do tell me what to say. They say 'don't tell people you don't like rock' or whatever. But I don't knock any of my music. Even From Now On, which I hadn't listened to for a few years, I've listened to again and it's a really good album. The thing I've realized with this album, which is a great album, it's like, it really is about the voice and the melody and if I'm going to make records for SPV and for rock and for classic rock fans, it's got to be this kind of vibe before me. It can't be metal. I really can't be heavier than this. Content, yes, but I'm not this nor that (ed.: points to Deep Purple albums we had spread across the table). And I'm certainly not Limp Bizkit, I'm Glenn Hughes. And I think on this album I'm more Glenn than I have been in a long time. I had no problem interleafing acoustic tracks with early Trapeze-sounding tracks like 'Out On Me' which was written in like five seconds, three chords, and it's my favorite track on the album! It's so Trapeze, and like I said in my bio, I sound like an 18-year-old kid singing it because I sound exhilarating. I'm exhilarated singing the content on this album! I get excited from the first track to the last track. And once again, I don't sing about anything other than the human condition, what's going on with me really, and hopefully people can find themselves in that. I don't singing about nonfiction."

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