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By Martin Popoff

'Beyond The Numb' is a vocal high water mark on the album, and Glenn heartily agrees. "Yes, that song... that is a moment in my career, where I'll always go back, in 20 years time, and I'll go back and play that tune for whoever I'm sitting with and I'll say this is where I was at that moment. That track to me is the ultimate Glenn Hughes feeling. There's two vocals. There's the one up, the ghost-like vocal up above the vocal. And I was actually just fooling around and my co-producer just put like a distant echo on it. And it's so cool! I wrote the track originally to be heavier, then I stripped it down and I sang it appropriately, with the right feeling."

The Voices Of Classic Rock is this incredible army of performers belting out their hits in supergroup combinations that is almost as surreal as it is entertaining. The next step however, is some original material. As we said, Glenn is cooking something up with Pat Travers.

"We're writing songs for this group," explains Hughes. "We're going to record original songs. And this is another personal thing. What I found out from working with Pat, other than living at my house with Pat, is that I have a genuine care for him. On and off the set, we love each other and we actually really gel together. You'll see tonight the there's an actual rock thing happening there. It's a little edgy. We've got 25 years of knowing each other. We actually connect so what I'm trying say is we will definitely record together. We're writing two signature songs. There's one we're writing with John Cafferty. We're doing a VH1 special in Maui in January. This thing, well, on the record or off the record, this thing enables for me, to have my American fans in portions across the country or whatever, come see me, whereas we all know, my touring as a solo act is impossible."

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