GLENN HUGHES - Just More Stuff Always Page 3
By Martin Popoff

"I cannot tour without tour support. If I don't get it, I can't do it, because I lose too much money. This enables me to get to the fans, whether there are 10 a night or 100 a night, to connect with them, slowly but surely. I joined the band in April. We play I'd say, five to eight gigs a month. I do it for a couple of reasons: to keep my chops up on the bass and the camaraderie between all the guys I love and work with. I was asked to be a singer and come out for three songs like the rest of the guys do, but I had a talk to Ken (ed. manager) and my wife and they said, 'you know, maybe if you played bass every night you'd sharpen your own thing' and it actually made me really love playing bass again as you'll see tonight (ed. our chat took place before the VCR gig in London, Ontario). And I've never been in a cover band before. It's like a cover band because you play everyone else's hits. It's fun."

"In Canada it's all racetracks," answers Glenn on the array of environments VCR find themselves in. "But it's all sorts of venues. We just played 25,000 people in Bogota, and 5000 the night before in Medelin. We played a sold-out concert in Orlando on Sunday night, so we play from 500 people to 25,000, headlining; it's amazing."

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