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By Martin Popoff

Why the title, Return Of Crystal Karma?

"Well, all of my album titles have been so bloody heavy, (speaks in a boomy voice) From Now On, Addiction, The Way It Is. I just thought this was lighter; I didn't want to be too heavy. This album is a return to, let's just say purity, as far as the way I live and as far as the way the music is. It's a pure sounding record. Once again, my publicist tells me not to say these things, but, I mean, I'm promoting a rock album here. I have to be very, very clear. It is rock, R.O.C.K., as the title suggests. But the thing is with me, I am, by trade, a singer, songwriter and recording artist. And for the likes of me, let's just say that a lot of my peers are pigeon-holed into making one sort of sounding record. I can't do that. For the artist in me, I have to explore my love of music, but I could probably make more money doing harder rock-edged records. But I just can't do it. My heart is into the music that I believe God has given me to write. Not knocking rock music, I LOVE rock music. But I can't be pigeon-holed into that square. I mean, I was in Deep Purple for Christ's sake. So I've got a strong rock heritage."

"I put the album together this way," continues Hughes on the album's composition. "I got the title of the record a year before I'd made it. I also wrote the song titles before I wrote the songs. So I knew where I was going on this project. I think this is the most cohesive record I've done. I don't know if anybody is going to differ with that, but as far as a hard rock, classic rock sounding record that's modern, this is the record people should pick up. And once again, I am who I am. I am Glenn Hughes, the voice of rock, if you will, I come from Deep Purple, I have great roots, but I have an undercurrent of funk and r+b in there. I can't deny it."

So obviously Hughes' other love is funk, something that arguably caused the departure of Ritchie Blackmore from Deep Purple, something that, combined with the similar influences on David Coverdale and then Tommy Bolin, caused a distinct rhythmic flavouring to the last three Deep Purple albums, capped with a live album and then dissolution of the band.

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