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By Martin Popoff

"Well here's the thing," begins Glenn, explaining this crucial part of his make-up. "Most guys my age, when they were a turning 12, 13, 14, in England, they were listening to the Beatles and the Stones. I was listening to Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett, little Stevie Wonder, Al Green, Martin Gaye, those were my heroes. So what you got for me when I first started, you got this guy from England who was in a rock group called Trapeze but had this unusual American sounding voice. It's like blue-eyed soul with a rock influence."

Another key element of Hughes' past is his, ahem, colourful life early on, followed by a redemption in the'90s which has been physical, mental and spiritual.

"What I try to do, my friend, let's just say that for a number of years I chose to walk down the dark path, the negative one. I think everybody should take a little bit of a walk down that trail some time. All I can say is that that is the greatest asset of Glenn Hughes. Not my voice or my ability to write music. The greatest asset I have is to be able to know which path to stay on now. I don't want to get too heavy into it, but let's just say I've chosen to stay on the path that is good for me, and the last ten years of my life had been a spiritual progression. I wouldn't say that it's a perfect life in the way I would want it to be, but if we were all perfect, we'd all be killing each other."

Do you think it's still possible to make good art without having gone down that path? "Absolutely! You know, once again, God didn't mean for us to be screwed up, for an artist to paint or to manufacture things or to write or to sing. A fellow I know, I'm not going to say who he is, but he's a famous chap, he once told me that 'I can't possibly NOT drink. I am so and so, I'm supposed to drink, it's part of who I am, it's part of the stigma of who I am.' And I said, 'well, you know, God bless you.' But that's not the way it has to be…"

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