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by Martin Popoff

Did you ever catch yourself watching one of these guys and thinking, I'd like to make a solo album with him once this is all done with?

"I haven't thought about solo albums for a long time, but I have recently. I'm just talking with my producer now about what I'm going to do next. Because I've got two or three other projects I'm working on, but they are books. And there's going to be a musical void in my life, from the end of the summer on. So that's going to be the time to start writing again. I've got 20 or 30 songs in various stages of completion at the moment. But it's really the voicing of the instruments - I'd like to set the tone for the next record before I choose the musicians. But then again, when you hear someone play, it surprises you and you think, oh, I want it to be like that. So the answer to your question is, I don't know yet. I really don't know."

You say void - is Deep Purple going to be on some sort of hiatus?

"No, absolutely not! We're on the road. We're eight weeks into a two year tour now. I mean, I might try get food poisoning in the summer so I can get some solo dates. But no, we're flat-out until the end of 2007. I just spoke to my wife. She's coming out to LA on the weekend and she's going to do the Australian tour with me. But I won't see my house or my dog again until May 7, 2007. We're on the road - heavy on the road. Purple is my prime commitment. That's my musical family and my priority. Anything I do is going to be fit in amongst it. But we're not planning on making another record for a couple of years. So when I say musical void, what I mean is, creatively rather than performance-wise."

When A Blind Man Cries and Demon's Eye are fairly obscure Deep Purple tracks to go for at the Inn. Asked whether they were chosen because of their relative rarity in North America, given that they were sort of b-sides and not album tracks on the proper records over here, Ian sez, "It's funny, that. No, I didn't even think of that."

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