GLENN HUGHES - Pipes Up! Page 3
by Martin Popoff

"It's very difficult, Martin, because I've known Dave for 35 years. All I can say about the Dave Holland thing is that nobody understood what was going on, or had any inkling of what was happening, if it did happen; I don't know. It's none of my business. It's God's business. But Dave has always been together, great drummer. All the other stuff that's has happened to him, it's God's business; it really is. He played great on the original demos. As I say, they were demos. Even if that stuff hadn't happened to Dave, we probably would have replaced the drums anyway because they didn't sound right; they were recorded wrong."

Was it a challenge to redo the drums technologically and keep every thing else the same?

"Yes it was. I shouldn't be saying this, but I really wasn't very happy with the drums, the way they turned out. And Jim's a great drummer; I just don't think the drums are as good as they could've been for those songs. And it's really got not so much to do with Jim. They were just produced in a way that... I just wish I could've been there when they did the drums. I really, really do. I have nothing bad to say about The DEP Sessions, it's great. I mean, it shows off Tony and Glenn Hughes. I just think the drums could've been a bit more appropriate."

Glenn then reveals another interesting tweaking of the sessions. "Geoff Nicholls and Don Airey... they're not on it now; they've been taken off. Their contribution on the bootleg to this are nil. There are very, very small keyboards on there, if you can hear them at all. Tony wanted... you know, Tony and Glenn and a drummer, it's all we need on this thing. It's such a big sound, the three of us. The keyboard thing I think was dated, especially the grand piano. And Don's a great keyboard player; we all love Don. But I think to make it more Iommi-ish, we added more guitars, probably more rhythm guitars. We only added a couple of things. Took the keyboards out and added another guitar track."

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