GMT - Pub Rock From Gillan's Inn
by Martin Popoff

GMT are a sleazy, raucous pub metal power crunch trio featuring none other than Bernie Torme and John McCoy from Ian Gillan's classic Gillan band, along with drummer Robin Guy, who's pounded pints and paint tins with Faith No More, Bruce Dickinson and Lars from Rancid. The album's rough, the ride is rougher, but folks are digging it all over the place, especially back in the UK, where the three musketerrors can be spotted - very occasionally mind you - plying their trade at the pub 'round the corner. But yes, have no fear, for you too can get with this punky, combative bunch, via their debut album Bitter & Twisted, (see for more), a record throbbing with a bit of that old Hanoi Rocks magic, but a bit more into the grizzle and grit.

"I don't know if I really have a mission," laughs guitarist and vocalist Bernie Torme, who's never sounded such a snarler since his biggest record, Electric Gypsies, back in the mid-'80s. "We started off with John and I. It was basically just to record an album that we both enjoyed. It's 'Go back to basics and rock,' and just enjoy playing and recording. It's surprised both of us enormously that people actually enjoyed it. We got great press reaction on it. Both of us are kind of like, wow, how did this happen, you know? (laughs). We had been recording albums, both of us, a long time, and I don't think either of us have ever had the press acclaim that we've had on this album. And it started out basically for our own enjoyment."

John's known as a big and broad rumbler, and Torme, like Paul DiAnno one supposes, a punk thrust into metal situations. The record, ergo, is punky and rumbling, which must mean part of the infectiousness of the damn thing is that it matches both guys' personal tastes so well...

"Yeah, definitely," says Torme. "It was a great incentive playing with John again. I've always enjoyed playing with John, more than any other bass player I've ever played with. We have a kind of subliminal connection, and it was incredibly enjoyable."

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