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by Martin Popoff

What do you think makes God Forbid stand apart from all the metalcore bands out there, many who have learned way too much from you guys?

"I think basically the fact that our band never tried to be a metalcore band; we never tried to pigeonhole ourselves in the one genre. We write music for us, that we like. But I think the biggest thing about us is that we have refused to do the same thing over and over again; it gets boring. We try to keep it interesting by switching up things, trying whatever we things works with our music."

A bit of a rough patch occurred in the lives of God Forbid when they broke with their previous management, after which, Byron says, the band "just retreated into the house and started singing and recording our new record. I mean, in the past we've had to get jobs, you know. But it's kind of hard to get a job where you're a touring band, because no one wants to hire someone who has to leave a few weeks later. Not a job that's worth anything. I mean, we all found ways to make money. That's working, if you want to call it that. But it's not really surviving. It's more scrounging from day to day."

"I think the last song, Crucify Your Beliefs, might have been the hardest track to do," says Byron, asked to pick a particularly hard nut to crack on this album. "Just lyrically, because we'd gotten to the point where there was one or two sections in the song where we wanted something totally in-your-face, like how the beginning of the record was. So it took a little while to come up with the idea for it, but we got it in there; we worked it out."

IV: Constitution Of Treason was produced plushly, warmly, mercilessly professionally by one Jason Suecof of Trivium fame. "He's a very good producer; he's a nut-job," laughs Byron, "but he's really good. And when he's working, he's working. And like a lot of people nowadays, he suffers from ADD. It's like, his mind is always working. Constantly in motion. Which is a good thing, because he allowed me to be comfortable in the studio and open up and help me bring it out the best I could. I think I'm singing more so everyone can understand what's going on; it's a sign of progression."

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