GOD FORBID - It's Crushing At The Top... Page 4
by Martin Popoff

There's an undercurrent of drama to Byron's depiction of the current ultra-heavy tour as well... "Yeah, I've seen some strange things along the way on this tour. Just some injuries and things like that, conflicts of attitude, but nothing really bad or nothing. Everyone is just getting comfortable with each other. It's like the beginning of the tour. Everyone is still trying to learn to work together and make it a positive effort for all. It's a good lineup. No bad horror stories."

In closing, I ask Byron to explain the significance of the album cover to the concept enclosed. "I think it basically tells all. I think a lot of things that people take for granted in this country are things that are slowly being taken away, and they don't realize it. And so that's basically the symbolism of what this country was built for, and what it has become."

Do you think America is doomed by all this seemingly out-of-control deficit spending?

"I think the problem with America is that we're more focused on what's going on overseas than what's going on in our own land, our own territory. We have homeless people over here, we have people who have just suffered losses from Hurricane Katrina, yet we feel it's more important to tell Third World countries what to do."

God Forbid will be shooting a new video in early November, after which they will be touring with The Haunted in Europe to close out '05. More North American dates will unfold in '06. See www.godforbid1.com for more.