by Alex Ristic

GOLDMINE HEAVY METAL RECORD PRICE GUIDE By Martin Popoff (Goldmine Publishing)

You're just never going to get a more prolific author or writer than BW&BK/ HardRadio's own Martin Popoff. Not only does he ply his craft writing countless reviews and interviews, but he's also an acclaimed penman, having written two huge books of CD reviews in Riff Kills Man and The Collector's Guide To Heavy Metal, which are now followed by the Heavy Metal Record Price Guide. The HMRPG is for all you vinyl fanatics out there (of which there are many of you), and tells you what you can expect to fetch on the market, or to shell out, for all the precious wax out there, that's either collecting dust, or being worn out by your ancient turntable. This book has everything, and if your kitchen sink played music it would probably be in this there to. Popoff starts by giving a definition of what constitutes heavy metal, and from there tells you how to grade records from poor to mint condition, with guidelines and examples thrown in. It doesn't stop there kids, as Popoff then proceeds to tell you what the collectible vinyl is worth from AIIZ to ZZ TOP, and all the various compilations and other assortments in between; a full 334-pages chock full of info. One can only guess as to how much work went into this, as there are literally thousands of albums in here with prices ranging from $2 to $140 and up. For $40, including a killer compilation CD from Metal Blade, this is definitely worth the buy, and is a great reference source, cover to cover. To order the book, write Martin Popoff, PO Box 65208, 358 Danforth Avenue, Toronto, ON. Canada. M4K 3A2. Or, e-mail