GRAND FUNK - Hits The Books! Page 2
By Martin Popoff

Did you ever feel uncomfortable saying some of these things?

"No, I felt that this was the one chance for me. At least somebody who was close to a circumstance, a situation that may relate in some way, might find an answer if I'm just brutally truthful about what happened to me as a human being, trying to... you know, I have always tried to abstain from all that glamour and the bullshit the people get involved in. I've seen too many people who let it go to their head, and I hear the way people talk about them behind their back, and I don't want to be one of those guys. So as it would come up, I would shoot it out, and he would go, you're kidding! (laughs). And I think that in itself... people recognize that, who have read the book. That is something that has been echoed throughout the reviews that I've seen, that this thing is just brutally honest; it's like 'He lays his heart wide open.'"