STEVE GRIMMETT - That Voice Page 2
by Martin Popoff

Like I say, Personal Crisis sounds like the work of a co-operating band - and an expensive one. The record's got a huge sound, killer in-sync performances, and Steve is singing like a great eagle with sheet metal wings and fine rivet work at the joints. You'd have to call it power metal, but it's of the sort that might be purchased by car mechanics rather than comic book store clerks. The record positively roars.

But what's all this about a personal crisis?

"The title comes from these Grim Reaper gigs we were doing with a guy from over here, and to be quite honest with you, from the moment he got up in the morning it was like, 'Oh, I'm having a personal crisis.' I thought, great title. And we had lots of ideas for it as well. We were going to do a photograph session where we all lined up in front of a wall, and we were going to have basically a firing squad, but that never materialized, because we didn't have enough time (laughs). But that's where it all stems from, this guy always having a personal crisis. And to be fair, that's what everybody said about it, 'What's all this about a personal crisis?'"

Who was this guy? A player in the band, a manager? "I don't really want to mention any names, but he's been in the industry for quite some time, and basically he was managing us, as Grim Reaper, to do these... I think we did half a dozen shows. He was obviously earning money out with us as well."

Pressed to point out a key track or two on the album Steve figures, "If I've got a favourite on the album, it would be 'Strength', because that was the first song I heard. I did my vocals with Dennis Ward over in Germany in his studio. And Pete went across and did the mixes with Dennis and Pete Newdeck and 'Strength' is the first one I heard, and I was just so blown away by it. And I got quite emotional about it, to be quite honest with you. It was like... holy shit, all these years, and it's here, this is where I'm at, and it's awesome."

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