Do We Have To Talk About Christmas?! "Yes We Must" Says JUDAS PRIEST Singer ROB HALFORD Page 2
by Tim Henderson

2009 has been quite the journey for you and Priest.

"Yeah, it's been a wonderful year and lots of things have happened in the metal world, and what a great way to round it all off, with some Christmas metal cheer from the Metal God."

And you are back with some old comrades.

"I have to say again, uh, well two things. Just to thank the band for being so supportive while I've been back with the mighty Priest, the band that leads me with everything that I do. They've stuck with me. You know, I mean admittedly they've all got their different solo endeavours and projects in their own worlds, but they could have just as easily said, you know, 'seven years, you've gotta be kidding me?' But they've been wonderful, so it's a joy to be back in their company again. What a great job they've done on the musical instrumentation side of these songs, absolutely first class stuff. It really is very powerful and very entertaining, very entertaining."

I must say that the band are all slick n' pretty, looking their festival best in the artwork. It appears you're getting ready for Christmas dinner at gramma's house.

"Let me have a look, let me have a look at that. (takes a second to look at the album cover.) Yeah, they do. And yeah, that's not Photoshop (laughs). I think that everybody at the office in Phoenix did a great job in terms of the packaging for the artwork and the booklet and everything else. Hopefully it's just another example of the good things that we can do at Metal God Records. And now of course we've opened the doors for everybody to start sending submissions, you know. Other bands can send in their CDs and DVDs, what have you, and you know, we'll slowly sift through it all and see what we're gonna do next."

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