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by Tim Henderson

Love the movie!

"I love it, too, So I talked about that with Z and he goes, 'Well, I've got this kind of idea in my back pocket, musically, do you want to check it out?' And he played it and I said, 'that's perfect.' It's got that kind of CHUCK BERRY vibe about it, you know, and the attitude and just the way that the vocal sits on it. And we just quickly put together the - we were just having a laugh in the studio, it was so much fun putting the lyrics together. We have some video as well, I'm sure that'll surface in years to come. You know, cracking up about jogging to the truck stop. Could you put that phrase into a song, 'jogging to the truck stop.' But that's Z, that was one of Z's lines. We had so much fun putting the lyrics together for that track. So there's that one, and then there's that Top Of The Pops vibe with 'Christmas Is For Everyone'. So those are the two lighter moments in terms of attitude and atmosphere. But I agree, the rest of it's pretty strong, you know, it's quite intense, some of the tracks are."

Now, what are your expectations from Winter Songs?

"I don't know, I haven't got a clue. You're either gonna hate it or think, hey, this is cool. Nice one, Rob. Some music for us at this time of the year that there's not a lot of going around, you know. I don't know, Tim, I really don't know. But the good news is that the feedback from people like yourself and my other friends that I value in terms of their opinion tends to filter into the public domain, so if Tim likes it, I think a number of the metalheads will like it."

I must mention, kind of tongue-in-cheek, that Christ makes up the word Christmas and it's a very Christian holiday for the most part, so fans may wonder why Judas the Priest - the disciple that betrayed Jesus - is promoting these Christmas ideals?

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